Ondema takes advantage of modern web architecture and its ability to save data and re-render components as needed. This allows for an experience that feels like a native application while retaining the flexibility of the cloud. You won’t need to save backup copies every time you make a big change, because your Workspace changes along with your requirements. Fast and flexible architecture enables change whenever you feel like it.

Yet, as many sources from the Bible to Jurassic Park like to remind us, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Part of the challenge in building a service lies in using asynchronous data when and where it’s beneficial to the user. We utilize several methods of storing your data with the goal of inspiring confidence in updating your workspace.

Autosave: Items and jobs tend to require small, frequent updates as priorities change and tasks move through your workflows. The same can be said of contact management. When you make changes to your contacts and workflow items, saves happen with every change — no button required. Such changes are usually small and easy to correct if you change your mind — and if something doesn’t look right, simply consult the Activity Log that automatically records changes as they happen. 

Manual save: Admin changes, such as adding and deleting workflows or changing site settings, can impact your entire Workspace. Because these changes are often serious, we allow you to decide when to save your work without worrying about making mistakes. Whenever Autosave is disabled, we’ll let you know with icons and notifications so it’s clear. Try out a new color scheme or rearrange your groups and workflows and discard anything you don’t like — or hit Save and keep it if and when you’re satisfied.

Read only: Sometimes it’s useful to grant partners or demo users the ability to view data without making permanent changes. As we add more features to our user levels, you’ll be able to decide which accounts can change data and which are limited to browsing.

By making ongoing decisions about when and how to save your data, we hope you feel confident that you’re free to make changes as needed. We’ve got your back.

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