Contract manufacturing requires close coordination and collaboration across complex supply chains. In the OND Precision workspace (see "Tour" on our website), fictitious aerospace manufacturer OND Precision uses Partner Accounts to improve collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors. Dania is the representative from Alloy Finishing, Inc., the shop that handles most of OND Precision's outsourced/subcontracted plating work. Her email associated with her Partner Account is highlighted below:


Figure 1: OND Precision's Ondema software displays individual Partner Accounts in User Admin.

OND Precision gave Dania a Partner Account to tighten lead time. Dania's Partner Account allows both shops to be on the same page about work-in-progress as well as work that has not yet started and for which delivery commitments have been made.

For example, Dania can quickly navigate to her My Work page to review work that is outsourced (i.e., work that should be in her shop), work that is in production (i.e., not yet sent over for specialized plating), as well as work that is not yet started, in QA, or completed:


Figure 2: My Work gives Dania full visibility into all of the parts that OND Precision wants to share with her.

The same work can also be reviewed in Schedule View when schedule information is more useful than status information:


Figure 3: The same parts can be reviewed in Schedule View.

When Dania logs in to her Partner Account, she only sees parts that has been explicitly shared with her by OND Precision. Fields with pricing information, which are often sensitive, have been removed. Communications about a specific job are tracked along with the job:


Figure 4: Centralizing and tracking communications in Ondema keeps everyone on the same page.

At any time, Dania can log in with her Partner Account and see the status of jobs and tasks that OND Precision have assigned to her. She has a mechanism to exchange communications, see what's coming down the pipe, and extend her planning horizon.

In short, Dania is very thankful for her Partner Account, and lead times for OND Precision-to-Alloy Finishing subcontracting get tightened. Everyone wins!

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