Ondema is pleased to announce that Nico Lovejoy has agreed to lead our Solutions Architecture team. A technologist and entrepreneur with deep experience in cloud software, digitization, and enterprise transformation, Nico brings a wealth of experience to help Ondema’s customers maximize the realized value of sometimes complex implementations.

“As enterprise workloads migrate to the cloud, value chains are being transformed, and organizations that digitize effectively will wield a sustained competitive advantage,” explains Nico. “The same mindset and disciplines that have allowed today’s unicorns to have a disproportionate impact will transform all US and International manufacturing in the 2020s, and Ondema’s platform is uniquely suited to drive this disruption.”

Nico’s experience spans traditional ERP to digitization of operations to web-scale media delivery. “Business success is the only metric that matters, and I’m thrilled to help Ondema’s customers develop a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape.”

We are thrilled to have him on board, and look forward to the impact he'll make.

Fun fact: as Amazon's fifth employee, Nico is deeply entrenched in company lore.

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