We just published the first version of Ondema Guide to ERP Integrations to share what we've learned about ERP integrations in the last couple of years.


The key to ERP integrations is getting everyone on the same page:

  • Cross-functional alignment on the business case that is driving the 
  • A single team where everyone is on the same page about how the ERP integration works

We are sharing this eBook to improve velocity and alignment on future integrations. It will help both business and technical leaders.  More importantly, it will help all the stakeholders of complex projects develop the shared consciousness that is so critical to driving velocity and quality.

We're big fans of Kafka, a powerful and scalable platform for event-driven integrations. Event-driven integrations provide an architecture for integration across any numbers of systems and teams while modeling complexity in a way that technical and non-technical teams can easily think about.

We're also big fans of ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load), because sometimes old school is the best way to pull  business data out of a database and pass it to Ondema's REST APIs.

We've supplemented the case studies exploring event-driven and ETL integrations with information on developing a business case, self-assessment, and how to think about manual exports.

Download Ondema Guide to ERP Integrations






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