What you don’t need: another company sending a meaningless COVID-19 response email.

What you might need: a company taking action on behalf of its customers.

We’re intent on helping you continue to execute during this difficult time. Here’s a small sample of some of the things we’re doing:

  • Through 2020, Partner accounts* are now free for new and existing customers. These accounts are a great way to loop in individuals and businesses in your ecosystem to seamlessly share information and collaborate. This is especially helpful when face-to-face interaction or travel isn’t an option.
  • We are hard at work building the features you asked for: creating duplicate items to limit manual data entry, CSV import for batch uploading, resource utilization visuals to increase efficiencies, and more.
  • All customers now have access to unlimited free training sessions with an Ondema technical representative, conducted via Zoom.

Our ask: let us know how we can help your business during this challenging time, whether it be prioritizing development of certain features or any and all questions on IT.

We appreciate you partnering with us, and we’ll go the extra mile. Let us know how we can do that for you.

*What’s a Partner account?

Partner accounts are available for a number of situations where you want to share a subset of the information that you are managing in the Workspace in a controlled way. Users with Partner accounts are only given read access to information that is explicitly shared with them, and are not able to view other information (e.g., costs, details on contacts, etc.).

For example, you can use a Partner account to provide a subcontractor the information they need to participate in a project without having to share information you don’t want to share. In other cases, you may also find that Partner accounts allow you to work more closely with your customers. User and Administrative accounts can preview what Partner accounts experience, so that if you make use of them it is easy to understand what Partner accounts can and can’t do.

Check out this blog post for a more in-depth look at the different account type permissions. (Of note: Partner accounts are referred to as “Limited” accounts in the post).

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