Ondema is thrilled to announce a partnership with the UC Santa Barbara NanoFabrication Facility!

Better Production Scheduling

UCSB NanoFab is onboarding Ondema's production scheduling software to optimize production scheduling for active and future nanofabrication projects.

Ondema_UIOndema's production scheduling software

With over 100 state-of-the-art tools, 50+ concurrent nanofabrication projects, and process- and tool-complex jobs, Ondema's software is the perfect solution to help manage UCSB NanoFab's dynamic production schedule.

A bit about UCSB NanoFab

UCSB NanoFab combines world-class cleanrooms with expert staff to help their users do the impossible - no matter how small.

With a mission to provide a top-rate research fabrication facility for micro and nano-scale processing, UCSB NanoFab has the supplies, facilities, equipment, and know-how required for cutting-edge research and fabrication. Not to mention a proven record with industrial prototyping and transition to various levels of production.

UCSB NanoFab's capabilities include but are not limited to lithography, vacuum deposition, dry etch, wet processing, thermal processing, packaging, and inspection, test, and characterization.

Learn more about UCSB NanoFab's clean room, services, and staff.

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