How many times have you signed up for a new software service that required you to rewire your brain to match how the developers thought about your business? Hours of training and many support chats later, you’re lucky if the new paradigm takes hold and works better than what you’re already using.

The core assumption is that the service knows best, and the problems lie in your own ideas about how to manage your business. You’re “using it wrong,” essentially. We reject that attitude here at Ondema. In building a better platform, we rely on the true expert in managing your business: you, of course.

To that end, we just rolled out the first iteration of Groups & Workflows, a feature that allows administrative users to take control of how your company uses our service to stay on track. If you don’t care about custom groups and workflows, fair enough. We’ll provide defaults you can use right out of the box. Maybe our defaults work for you – if not, take the wheel and set up your own Workspace. We want customization to mean more than changing site colors and titles – though all that is available, too.

Groups & Workflows perfectly captures the essence of what we’re trying to do at Ondema. We don’t want to dictate how you should handle your own production process. Have many products or jobs that all follow the same general procedure? Try setting up a group for each one and assigning a single workflow to all of them. Maybe it makes more sense to treat all tasks the same but deal with them in different ways. In that case, perhaps you only need one group for which you can assign one of many workflows based on need at that time. Either works, and we’ve built flexibility to allow you to rewire your Workspace in a manner that matches your existing business. Because hey, you’re the expert at what you do. We just want to make you more efficient.

Leave the technology to us. You focus on fine-tuning your Workspace to match how you think of your products and services and how you go about providing and managing them. The Ondema system will help keep you on top of your own process. And we’re always looking to improve, so let us know what works for you and what could use improvement.

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