Our goal for the Ondema Workspace is to make it easy for all users within a company to manage, update and view real-time schedule information for their entire organization.  One of the ways we do this is by immediately saving nearly every action* a user takes and reflecting those changes instantly on every screen within the Workspace. 

Autosave is a time- and sanity-saver that allows users to focus on getting their work done without wondering if their data is safe and saved.

Instant autosave means that multiple users can be working on the same projects at the same time, without having to worry about overwriting each other’s changes.  Just as importantly, this also gives everyone in the organization a live view of what’s happening in their company’s workflow.  No having to wait for an email update, no need to even refresh your browser window — changes are instantly reflected.  Some of our customers have even mounted video displays on the walls of their offices and in their warehouses that show a real-time view of their products progressing through the workflows they’ve set up in the Ondema Workspace.

*So why not everywhere?  Well, some actions make more sense if they’re submitted only when you tell the system to do so, for example when sending a message or changing a configuration that impacts the entire Workspace implementation.  In these situations, we provide both a traditional “Save Changes” button and require a confirmation click before the changes are saved.

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